Workshop Facilitator

Working with KHL Community Workshop, these sessions were built around creating a basic skill platform for the people of Corby interested in utilising the practical elements of KHL Workshop.

Starting with an overview of basic tools used in woodwork, the sessions continued with participants using these tools to practice measuring, marking up, cutting and jointing. They then chose a project out of a selection of pre-designed diagrams or from a design they had brought with them or designed themselves. Using saws, chisels, drills, vices and cutting blocks, participants spent the rest of the session using the skills they had developed through practice to build their own woodwork items in the workshop.

After the basic woodwork sessions, these sessions further expanded into inductions on the machinery and power tools available in the workshop. Covering safe use of the machines, PPE, extraction, emergency procedures, appropriate machine selection, types of wood and the cutting processes, we used the machines to practice cutting and processing materials for the participants to gain confidence and fluency with the machines. During these sessions, participants brought their own or chose an existing project to practice what they had learnt and apply it to building something which they could take home with them at the end.

We had incredible projects emerge from these sessions and, as usual, I was blown away by the positive and enthusiastic nature of the workshop participants in Corby, what a wonderful environment to work in. Along with the pre-designed birdbox, toolbox, planter and bird feeder, participants also created bookcases, mini picnic benches, stools, phone holders and shelves!

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