Artist Commission

Working with and commissioned by Corby Community Arts at KHL Community Workshop, a series of workshops were created over the weekends of April 2023 to collaborate with community members of Corby to create an outdoor space and memorial bench for Brian Dunn, one of the workshop founders for KHL and a positive force on Corby community.

Come rain or shine, members who are involved with the workshop, family members and participants who had taken part in woodwork workshops were invited to be a part of the project and to contribute no matter how much or as little as they wanted to the construction of the benches and garden area. As well as showing their support for Brian and the project, participants also had a chance to use different tools, processes and materials that they had not previously used.

There was a lot of very positive feedback from this project, and it was an absolute honour to be asked to run the workshops and production for the bench and garden. The people that I meet doing this work truly inspire me. The continuous hard work, thoughtful efforts and resilience they show is absolutely inspiring and I hope to join these wonderful people again soon!

Thank you so much to all for the hard work that you have put in during this project. You all work magnificently well together and have such warmth and an incredible light that has an infectious positivity!!

WEEK 1 – 14th-16th April 2023

WEEK 2 – 21st-23rd April 2023

WEEK 3 – 29th-30th April 2023

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