PINT OF SCIENCE – Creative Reactions Opening Night @ The Carousel in Nottingham

As part of the arts collective Aperture AVA, Carl Cole and Emma were part of the opening night for the Pint of Science Festival in Nottingham. Pint of Science is a national festival taking place at pubs across 40 cities in the UK. Featuring science talks, demonstrations and creative reactions, Carl and Emma worked with Si Atkinson (aka Blobb Ross) to create a performance responding to the PhD research of Angela Thornton.

Angela’s work ‘looks to explore the personal and public narrative around the hypothetical journey to Whole Brain Emulation and the ultimate creation of a Substrate Independent Mind‘. Using this as a starting point, Carl and Si focussed on the cognitive dissonance associated with her thesis using a progressive mix of modular synthesisers, sampled audio & guitar.

For the performance, Emma created a visual projection made from videos displaying the 3D mapping of the human brain’s neurological pathways and overlapped this with a journey through her layered drawings and resin art. Filming drops of pigment in resin, she represented the expanding point of a connection in the brain and, using the same colours and imagery from the brain scans, created a film to emulate the network of information dilating through our brains.

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